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We desire to build a grace-filled equipping center that will benefit our Mason community and beyond for decades to come, as we embrace Multiply where we live, work, and play.

“Whose job is it to reach Mason, West Chester, and the many other communities where we live? It’s our job to bring the light of the gospel to where we live, work and play. It is our calling to spread Jesus' message by investing locally in Hope Church – its ministry, outreach,and attractiveness – so it will flourish for years to come.”
- Jim Sudlow, Chair, Elder Board 


“The renovation of the space downstairs will give a dedicated area to our friends with special needs. They will not just feel like they’re welcome at Hope Church but they will feel a sense of belonging—that they have a space of their very own!”
- Theresa Messer, Special Needs Director  




The Gathering

Beautiful. Warm. Awe-inspiring. Approachable. Welcoming. An atmosphere of rest. A space to exhale, to take a break from being “on,” to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. To connect with the Creator. A place of worship and teaching that emulates an intimate home more than an office or a shopping mall. Room for growth, but not at the cost of a close-knit family feel. Top-of-the-line technology for an immersive audio and visual experience. Natural lighting and excellent acoustics. Simple. Essential. Worshipful. Hope together.



The Commons

Expanding and enhancing our Commons area will tell our guests, “We’ve been expecting you.” Couches and tables, nooks and spaces to step out of the fray for close conversation, to sit and read, to meet a friend. Space to linger on a Sunday morning and introduce yourself, to catch up, to enjoy your cup of coffee. For kids to run around without being under foot. Space for our Sunday morning team to meet, greet, direct and seat. Community rooms now connected to the Commons, right outside the sanctuary, equals more participation, especially for those who are new. (No more walking down to the basement). A beautiful venue for banquets, events, conferences, and wedding receptions. A warm, comfortable and welcoming space—like your living room, but bigger (and you don’t have to clean it).




The Students

Our students are our future. And we want them to feel loved, accepted and supported by creating a space specifically for them, attuned to their wants and needs, created for their events and friends. Distinct zones for games, activities, small groups, individual study, worship. Their own exterior entrance and outdoor space. A new design that puts our friends with special needs right next door, rather than far away upstairs, making sure they feel a sense of belonging at Hope and connect easily with the students. Purposeful lighting, design, decor, organization to produce a space that’s inviting for every student—the introverts, the extroverts and everyone somewhere in the middle. To hang out, to get a little crazy, to laugh, to cry, to sing…to learn about God in a place that’s like a second home.



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InsideOut Vision Cast 2020
Stephen Kirk & InsideOut Team


Anthony Muñoz
Founding Member

Bill Craig
Pastor for Adult Discipleship

Jim Tinsley
Pastor for Student Ministries

Stephen Kirk
Lead Pastor

Theresa Messer
Special Needs Director

John Warden
Minstry Partner