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Our Heart for Giving

Seeing God's Provision

Because we all have unique giving capabilities, we can't simply divide the total needed by the number of families in our church to determine an average gift.  The following is a model of the distribution of gifts it will take for us to be successful.  This also underscores the biblical principle of giving in proportion to what we have - and that's going to be different for all of us.


Current Giving & Pledging Status: $6.5M+ raised in gifts and pledges.

Additional gifts and pledges will help to reduce or eliminate the planned $2M mortgage.



Generosity is a tool God uses to free our hearts from greed, provide for those in need, reach the lost, and equip the next generation of Christ followers. We, as a church and as individuals, are called to be good stewards of all He has entrusted to us. As believers we know that God owns it all and we are simply caretakers of His resources. And since He owns it all, what He wants from you isn’t your money, but your heart. To faithfully surrender and trust that He will provide. To realize and embrace the truth that we have been blessed, not for our own gain, but to be a blessing to others.

For the Kingdom is a God-sized vision, there is no doubt. It will require significant commitment from each of us over the next three years to succeed. However, the life change that will come as a result of our faithfulness now will have eternal impact for thousands of children and adults here in our community and around the world. 


We are asking that you prayerfully consider making a three-year commitment to InsideOut, over and above your regular tithe. There is no formula for determining your level of commitment. Every person must pray during the course of InsideOut and seek God’s prompting. It’s not about equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. As He leads you personally, we invite you to live out your faith as you invest in something bigger than yourself. Because God is leading this vision, we know He is powerful enough to accomplish it through you, His people.




Want to be involved, but not sure where to start? Here are some creative suggestions to help you allocate or free up resources.

Are there things in your life you can take advantage of less frequently? Maybe it’s a few less Starbucks runs, or eating in more often. By decreasing weekly expenses, regardless of what they may be, you can save a significant amount to contribute. It adds up!


Are there big plans on the horizon that require a big financial commitment? If so, pray and ask God about possibly delaying those plans and using the extra income to contribute.


There are some pretty creative ways to save money. Maybe it’s been awhile since you got a quote on an existing service like cable, internet or lawn care. Perhaps you could do some extra comparison or bargain shopping to save funds. For our kids, it could be as easy as saving extra change to give.


A great way to contribute is to give existing assets. Giving an asset to InsideOut and then letting us sell it eliminates potential capital gains taxes and may increase after-tax proceeds. Please contact Jim Sudlow at 513-907-8349 or, if you’re interested in exploring this option further.



If you would prefer to use a credit/debit card or e-check automatic withdrawal, click here. If you plan to give electronically, please still fill out a commitment card and bring it with you on March 14, so you can participate in our special offering time. 


Through your bank’s online bill pay system you can set up a one-time or automatic recurring gift, directly from your bank account. Please list Hope Church (4934 Western Row Road, Mason, OH 45040) and include a designation to InsideOut in the memo line. Even if you plan to give via your bank’s bill pay, please still fill out a commitment card and bring it with you on March 14, so you can participate in our special offering time.


Offering boxes are located at the back of the Sanctuary if you prefer to drop your gift off here as well.


If you choose to mail your gifts, please write InsideOut on the memo line and mail them to:

Hope Church
4934 Western Row Road
Mason, OH 45040


Please contact Jim Sudlow at 513-907-8349 or, with the name of your stock and the number of shares you are contributing. We will provide broker information at that time.


We are here to help answer any questions you may have. You can call our offices any time, 513-459-0800, or talk with Jim Sudlow at 513-907-8349 or or Aaron Mahl at 513-966-0728 or


Are you ready to Give or Pledge to InsideOut?

You may be asking what’s the difference?

GIVE is intended for those who have already prayerfully determined their gift amount for InsideOut and wish to contribute those funds now.

PLEDGE is for those who are ready to make a commitment to InsideOut through their giving intentions. This could be weekly, monthly or yearly gifts, etc.

By clicking the GIVE link you will be directed to Hope's online Church Center giving page. If you already give online, you’ll be familiar with this screen. If not, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to use. Along with being prompted to provide some important information, please choose “InsideOut” from the drop-down menu to direct your funds appropriately.

By clicking the PLEDGE link you will be directed to an online form. Here you will provide important information and state your commitment intentions. No funds will be collected through PLEDGING– until a later time.

If you have any questions about giving or pledging, please contact Jim Sudlow at 513-907-8349 or


Commitment Pledge



For asset gifts contact Jim Sudlow at 513-907-8349 or